About Me

My name is James Sierra and I am an Affiliate Marketer from Washington, DC. I currently live in Silver Spring, MD a state close to Washington, DC.

Maryland is a beautiful state with nice attractions to explore.

I graduated in Business Administration from University of Maryland University College in 2010.  The employment market was difficult for new graduates seeking entry-level jobs because of the economy.

I worked in different jobs after I finished College and always had a plan of living an abundant lifestyle with opportunities to succeed. I was determined to get married one day, have a family, and have my own business.

I am married to my lovely wife Karla and we have been together for 5 years. We are a team and share everything together as one because family unity is very important.

We are two people who are dedicated when it comes to moving forward in life and forming a stable family structure.

Now, allow me to explain why I have decided to pursue Online/ Affiliate Marketing. I have always seen myself as a leader, provider, role model, and mentor.

I see myself as an Entrepreneur because I have the characteristics and personality of doing business. I am passionate about business opportunities, customer service, teamwork, and wealth.

5 reasons for taking an Entrepreneurship journey:

  1. To become a successful Entrepreneur in my family
  2. To quit a 9 to 5 job and being a “slave” to an employer
  3. To provide my family better financial security and spend time with them
  4. To establish financial freedom in the long run
  5. To enjoy my life while helping others who want a better future

My logo “IE” stands for Inspired Entrepreneur. I chose this symbol to represent me because I am a hardworking person who is inspirational, dedicated, and passionate when it comes to performing well in life.

I like to learn, do, and teach! My personality and skills have prepared me for my true endeavors in opportunities.

On my site, I will be sharing information related to my Entrepreneurship journey, which entails everything about Online Business, Affiliate Marketing, Personal Development, and more.

Please feel free to send me a message anytime and follow me on social media too!

I look forward to working and assisting you!

Thank you.

See you on the inside,

James Sierra
Internet Marketer